Clinically proven more effective in reducing plaque than a manual or oscillating toothbrush, the Sonic UltraClean UV provides an effective deep cleaning that removes stubborn plaque and bacteria for a total mouth clean.

Advanced Sonic Cleaning Technology produces 40,000VPM for a powerful dynamic cleaning action that helps keep your teeth strong and healthy, while also improving gum health.

Sonic UltraClean UV lets you choose from four cleaning modes — Clean, Soft, Whiten and Massage — to create a brushing experience that suits your varying oral care needs. The 2 minute auto-timer ensures dentist recommended brushing time, while the 30 second interval timer helps you brush each area of your mouth evenly.

UV Santizing

The UV Sanitizer provides hygienic storage for up to four toothbrush heads and helps kill 99.9% of germs on the brush head, keeping your toothbrush germ-free between brushings.

It features a seven minute sanitizing timer control, lid activated on/off switch and interchangeable UV light bulb for easy maintenance.

advanced sonic cleaning technology produces 40,000 VPM powerful dynamic cleaninc action.

4 brushing modes - clean, soft, whiten & massage - offers varying oral care needs.

2 minutes auto-timer ensures dentist reccomended brushing for best results.

30 seconds interval time helps you brush each area of your mouth.

inductive charging. extra-long usage time, li-ion rechargable battery inside.

hi-tech hidden panel is easy to read with a clean, modern look.


sgs lab test proved to kill over 99.9% of germs


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